I started my own business!

What is my new business?

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ARBONNE! I am an Independant Arbonne Consultant, and let me tell you, I have absolutely loved every minute thus far.

My story:
I have always felt like I was not truly doing what I want to. I was not following my dreams, I was not making goals. I was not challenging myself. I was not dong anything to bring me happiness. SO, my college roomie (Amy) when I went to school in Vancouver has been an Arbonne Consultant since March and of course through social media I just kept seeing her posts and stories and she looked like she was genuinely just LOVING her life.


Of course, like everyone else, I was skeptical and asked myself these questions: Have people actually been successful with this business? Do you make any money? Is it really all the fun it looks to be? Does it cost a ton of money to run this business? Do the products actually work? Well, let me be the first to tell you, after continuing to watch Amy’s growth and love for the business she was creating, I thought “OMG I REALLY WANT THIS”. That was it, just one day I texted my hubby and I was like ” I am going to do this, and failure is NOT an option. I am going to be successful at this, because I WANT and NEED to be”. Of course I message Amy and right away set up a time to chat so I could ask all the questions and not only did she give me ALL the answers, she provided so much more insight on what the business offers, success stories and her personal experience.

Needless to say, I have an absolutely incredible mentor who provides me with all of the knowledge I need to succeed, she supports my decisions, gives me the space to run my business how I envision it, but also challenges me. She does not baby sit and wait for you to be successful. She provides you with ALL of the necessary tools to be successful and is there if you need her.

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This is what I want to be for my team. I want to see tons of women transform their lives, not only by starting a business and being their own boss but using products that make you feel incredible. I want to support, encourage, and coach a strong group of women who know that giving up is not an option.

I know there are women out there just like me who are not where they want to be. I am here to tell you, you CAN make the change and get yourself there. You have to be courageous and take the leap. You have to trust that all of your reasons WHY you are doing this, will drive you to success.

That is my story!

Thank you for reading. 


Kristen Joy


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