BEST Bridal Shower EVER!

Sharing all the details from my BEAUTIFUL Bridal Shower put on by my sister (maid of honour) and best friends (bridesmaids)!

The amount of thought that went into this special day for me was incredible and I could not be more thankful for my best ladies for planning and throwing the ultimate Bridal Shower.

Fellow Brides… Give your bridesmaid full control over planning your pre-wedding events. Trust in them, they know you best and will not disappoint!

As soon as you walked in there was this frame that said “kisses for the Mrs” and you got to choose a lipstick colour (which you got to keep!) and you kissed the page that went in the frame. Was such a CUTE idea!


Who doesn’t love Jenga?! And what better way to pick a date night! I can’t wait to put this to use! Also the marriage advice. This is super important seeing as this is new to Josh and I, so I am sure a ton of this will come in handy as we travel through life, married!


RECIPES! I 8394792374% needed some new recipes to try out once we get into our new kitchen. I am certain I will share some with you all in the future when I give them a shot! Thank you everyone for sharing your special recipes with me!


Did I mention the snacks and treats? Chocolate covered pretzels and oreos! A CANDY BAR! Salad Bar! Mimosa Bar! All of my favourite things, they nailed it!



Some of the games we played were:

  • How well does the Bride know the Groom?.. Every time you get one wrong you have to chew a piece of gum.
  • He said vs She Said
  • Guess how old the Bride is? They put pictures of me throughout my life on a board and everyone guess my age. (this was hard even for me!)

It was an incredibly wonderful day and I feel so loved. I am SO grateful for all the support from everyone whether you were able to attend or not! I am SO lucky!

Talk soon.

xo Kristen


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