Where Have I been?…

Where have I been? Well… the short version.


I don’t know where to begin but today sounds like a good day.

Today, I am 38 weeks  and 3 days, pregnant. And I can excitedly say I’m ready for our baby girl to ROCK our WORLD. But it wasn’t all fun and games these past 9 months, so how about some real talk. I really appreciated reading people’s stories about their triumphs and challenges during their pregnancies. I found that honest discussion helped me to normalize the “Mom Guilt” I was ALREADY feeling at 6 weeks pregnant when I was struggling with pregnancy symptoms.



Rewind to September 2018… the morning sickness… that, by the way isn’t just in the morning, it comes at anytime, day or night or in my case ALL day long. I was dizzy, had a lack of appetite, suffering from increased trips to the bathroom & lack of sleep. Among these common early pregnancy symptoms, I was also very overwhelmed by the sudden responsibility of becoming a parent. I was in such a state of shock when we got pregnant so quickly that it took me weeks to tell my mom and sister. And guys, I tell my them everything, usually as soon as it happens.

Along with our pregnancy shock, we just found out about Josh’s new job. This meant we had to start the process for our big move across provinces. Although this was a favorable move, it was still very overwhelming. This would be our first time selling a house and we knew nothing… learnt a lot looking back but, in the moment… two deer in the headlights… What is a down market? How much does it cost to sell? We started out very optimistic, put our house up for sale, and waited… patiently.

As time went on and October rolled around; Josh, myself and our suitcases headed to the big city to start our new jobs. We left our house and all our belongings in Yorkton. Fortunately, we had family in Alberta that let us stay with them, little did they know how long we’d be there. I was back and forth, living one month in Yorkton and one month in Calgary. Working in both places. Being pregnant during this time meant I was doctoring in both provinces and they were “sharing” my file. How much more confusing could we make things.



December 11- March 11 we were asked to house sit for my Great Uncle and Aunt!! Halleluiah!! Obviously, this was the best news we could have received, other then selling our house of course. Their house was located only 20 min from Josh’s work and 35 min from my work. A lot better then Josh’s previous 45 min one was commute and my 1.5 hour one way commute.

The only thing that kept my mind sane during this time was maintaining my fitness regime. Until January that is… At that time developed what is called Symphysis Pubis Diastasis in pregnancy. As my body was changing, my hips were spreading my symphysis pubis muscle split. It is so uncomfortable, it made walking and rolling out of bed extremely taxing. Just picture Josh having to physically push me to sit up in bed. I have ALWAYS been a very active person, its my coping mechanism for stress. With all these life changes I had lost my one sure stress reduction method. This was a very emotional time for me. I would go to a shift, and wake up the next day unable to move.

Come February, I was written off work. But the news wasn’t all bad… wait for it! February 2019… WE SOLD OUR HOUSE, MOVED OUT, BOUGHT OUR NEW HOUSE AND MOVED INTO IT all in the span of a month. HOLY WHIRLWIND.  I was already back in Yorkton during this time so I spent the month purging, cleaning, organizing and packing for our move.


If you recall, my Great Aunt and Uncle would be flying back March 11 and our move in date to our new house was March 4; now could that work out any smoother. Like seriously though, it’s kind of incredible.

Baby Scott is due April 27. And even though it was so good, MOVING IS EXHAUSTING, even when you’re not 7 months pregnant! And let me tell you, when you move provinces you might as well just move countries… its about that simple. Once all the dust settled with the move I felt I suddenly had some time to breath, and this might sound wild but it hit me. We are going to be parents in less than 2 months. We had been so focused on other goals, thinking we had more time to get ready but time seemed to be running out… and FAST. Another emotional milestone… Pregnancy hormones were all the rage.

So now… April 13, 38 and a bit weeks pregnant, what’s that like? I’m still sore, some days are better than others, a lot better than months 5-7. The nausea & occasional dizziness returned. Like what!? I thought that was gone, nope, surprise it’s not. Oh, and wait for it, LIGHTENING CROTCH, so that’s fun. That started up around week 35, and it is exactly as it sounds. BUT, WE ARE EXCITED!!


We’re on the home stretch, and this pregnancy has been an experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I am so thankful for my husband who has been my rock and my family for all their love and support.

Ok… that short version turned out to not be so short! Thanks for stickin with me!

Now that you know the due date, comment what day you think she will arrive!… Any day now!


Karlee Anne





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