How to organize your life!

Quite a blunt title I know… But in all seriousness I really mean, how to organize what you do daily to aid in achieving your goals. Keep in mind this is just a suggestion and steps that have helped me keep my mind on track! Below are 5 steps whether you want to do them daily, weekly or monthly is completely up to you. I like to do them weekly because life/plans change so quickly that planning a month in advance can sometimes be quite a challenge.


ONE: Set those goals! – Have you always wanted to start up a side gig? Start making time to do a yoga or other fitness class? Want to set up more coffee dates to catch up with friends? Start and Finish reading a book? Send out those Save the Dates that having been sitting on your desk for a week? – Whatever your goals may be whether they are long term or short term set them because these steps are going to be the route to which you meet those goals.

TWO: Grab your agenda/day-timer/life planner (whatever you want to call it)! – Set aside that 15-30mins at the beginning of your week (I do mine on Sundays, I even have a reminder in my phone to fill out my agenda) to see your week at a glance. Start by entering those plans that were made months ago or those appointments/work. Then look at the times where you have nothing, start dispersing where works best for you to “drop the save the dates off at the post office”, “reading your book 30 mins a night before bed”, “Friday evening at 6 is coffee with Betty” etc… Not only do I use my agenda as a schedule but as a reminder, if I need to call somewhere to make an appointment or whatever it may be I write it down so it gets done (and so I don’t forget about it and get frustrated later that I didn’t do it).

THREE: Enough with EXCUSES! How are you going to cross things off your lengthy agenda if you keep making up reasons not too? You will not move forward and most likely be frustrated that you didn’t do it so basically you are better off sucking it up and getting it done (= happiness in the long run). If you keep that sticky note of your goals where you can see it at different times in the day then you are more likely to stay motivated!

FOUR: CELEBRATE! When you achieve a goal, take that moment to have a big sigh of relief, buy yourself a Starbucks. Cross it off your list with confidence! Then move onto the next item. If you don’t give yourself a pat on the back or acknowledge how well you are doing then you may get off track.

FIVE: Do it all again! This is for those of you who I assume ALWAYS have something else they can add to their list. Always something else they have the desire to do! I am one of those people… I am always shooting for more, rarely relaxing, I feel lost if I don’t have something to do or something to work for. Whether you add to your agenda throughout the week or wait until Sunday to then plan for the next week, keeping yourself organized in what you are doing daily will keep you on track towards those goals! At the end of week, take a look at the week that just passed and see if there was anything you may have missed, or something you really wanted to accomplish but just didn’t… You are human, that happens all the time, it doesn’t mean you forget about it, it means you put it first the next week!



I hope you can take something away from these tips! They truly work for me and I feel incredible when I am organized and able to accomplish all the goals I have. Stay positive, encourage yourself! You are doing a great job!


Kristen Joy

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