Moving from big city to small town!

It has been A WHILE.

So hello! Welcome back! We are so glad you are here.

For those of you who don’t know… Josh and I moved from Edmonton to little ole Lacombe. This was another new community for me to get to know, but it was a fantastic choice for us to make. I landed a job with Alberta Health Services within weeks of moving and that basically took over my life, hence the lack of moving our blog along.


I didn’t realize how connected I was to our first home until we were ACTUALLY leaving. We knew the day would come and always talked about it. This was somewhere we chose together to make our home. So many firsts, so many memories, so many laughs and so much love was brought in and out of our home. This was where we collected random pieces of furniture that don’t match, argue over having too much stuff and then buying more, and realizing how bad we want a dishwasher. This was where we would come home to after adventures, and a place to share with friends and family.


I took some much needed time and space from social media and figured out why I like to do blog posts and why I like to post on instagram/other social media platforms. I don’t do it to “get likes” or become “famous”. I do it because I am proud of the life I am living and the super important people that surround me that I want to share it with WHOEVER wants to see it. SO, that being said I will continue to write what I feel like writing and posting what I feel like posting because I am proud and I have worked hard to be where I am today.

IMG_3095How is Lacombe you might ask?… It is great, full of dogs! I have been blessed with the most supportive Mother and Father-In-Law to be. They have taken us in and fully supported us while we wait for our next move. They have opened up their home to us, juuust when they thought they got rid of all their kids ;).

Work… Work is busy. I try to take a step back so that time does not go so fast but, it is the health care industry and important, attention grabbing things are going on every second of every day! I continue to learn and grow every day and am beyond grateful for a supportive work community as well.


Heres to being here. right. now!



Kristen Joy

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