Kristen is ENGAGED!

I am blessed to have found the man of my dreams, the love of my life – AND he asked me to MARRY HIM on Wednesday, December 20, 2017!
This is how it went…
I started the week off with a really crappy cold and at work on Tuesday my supervisor told me I should go home early. However, I knew I was taking a week off starting on Thursday so I had a lot to do, so basically didn’t listen to my supervisor and told her I was staying to finish a few things. THEN – The President of the company comes to me and says “You need to leave, and you should probably just stay home tomorrow as well and rest”. When its the President you just listen and don’t argue. So I go home early and I’m packing and getting organized when I hear someone entering the keypad on the door (side note: Josh works away Mon-Fri) and I panicked not knowing who it was trying to enter!… It was Josh! I had a mini heart-attack but also was like WTF, you are supposed to be working. He goes “Nope, we are going hiking tomorrow” and I was like well sucks I am sick, but we have been wanting to go for a long time and I mean my boss told me not to come in to work tomorrow anyways so that worked out well.
unnamed (1) Wednesday rolls around – we were up packing/getting ready to go and Josh was definitely acting off/grumpy/moody! I didn’t want to battle with him because I was just so excited it was Christmas holidays so I just did whatever would make him happy. His plan was to go all the way to Canmore from Edmonton and still end up in Lethbridge by that evening. But the roads towards the mountains were bad and if we made the trip we wouldn’t have made it to Lethbridge! So he asked me if there was an outdoorsy place between Calgary and Lethbridge without veering of the path too far, so I suggested the Wilderness Park in Fort Macleod! Some of you may know I grew up in Fort Macleod so I have a lot of memories as a young girl in this place. So anyways, we arrive in FM and were going to get our snowshoes out but instead just decided to go for a nice walk (bad idea there was 2ft of snow!!).
unnamed (3)_edited_edited_edited
It was on the beautiful winter walk when Josh got down on one knee (in 2ft of snow) and popped the question! I think I literally said YES a million times. Following this amazing moment, we couldn’t wait to tell all of our dear friends and family. Upon our arrival in Lethbridge we were greeted with sparkling wine, paper flowers (thrown all over the stairs) and COOKIES by my sister and brother-in-law!
unnamed (2)
I could go on and on but this Christmas and Holiday season will forever be one to beat. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with the ones you love.
Kristen Joy


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