Jasper with my Love!

Last week was amazing. I spent 3 days in Lethbridge visiting with my family, and got to see my sister for the FIRST TIME in 5 MONTHS. Thats like years in sisterhood. Then she came home to Edmonton with me to spend the rest of the week visiting Josh and I’s new home. Literally 2 hours after she left Josh looked at me and was like “wanna go to Jasper tonight?”… I mean what would you say? A weekend away in the mountains like YES! So we made a bed in the back of the jeep, packed some food and a few changes of clothes. Josh and I have never done something this spontaneous before… I guess besides having him come pick me up in Vancouver. But anyways, this was amazing. A breath of FRESH air. The camp spot we got was (obviously) in the middle of the massive trees, with a huge picnic table and fire-pit, surrounded by so much beauty. The pictures to follow do not even do this place justice. I wish we could have stayed a while longer.
 When the hiking path we tried to take was still closed because of so much snow, instead we decided to drive about 45 minutes outside of Jasper to Mount Robson Provincial Park.
You know you have found the one when he makes a bed in the back of the jeep for a spontaneous adventure weekend. Although we did have a hotel already booked for the Saturday night. We still thoroughly enjoyed camping. We started a fire, enjoyed some beverages and snacks, played cards and took in the fresh mountain air and wonderful company.
 I swear this weekend was as if it was out of a movie. I just can’t get over how we talk talk talk about doing cute things ALL the time and never follow through. And this, this was all Josh, I can’t take credit for this perfect weekend away. Roof off, mountains and nothing but SUN!
You Joshua, are dreamy. My heart is SO SO full – thank you.
If I can give any little bit of advice… TAKE THE TIME. Hop in your car and drive to the mountains. You will never regret it. Now to plan (or maybe not plan) our next adventure together. Seems to go so much smoother when we don’t spend countless hours planning! I can’t wait, where too next?!
Kristen Joy

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