The BIG Move

Don’t try to trick yourself into thinking moving away from home is easy. Mind you, maybe for some it is but I was 22 (old I know) and i cried like a baby for a few days for sure. You count down the days until you move and before you know it, it’s time to move provinces and begin your own adventure!

I’ve been writing my story. To say I’ve grown as an individual is an understatement. I have overcome obstacles, exceeded my comfort zone, and discovered inner bravery and courage I didn’t know existed. It’s like everything changes at once, you can imagine a serious overwhelming feeling. This was the jump I needed though, 22, and still living in the basement of my parents house just didn’t seem right. I felt like I wasn’t going anywhere and I just needed to be pushed a little bit.

I remember 3 days after arriving in Vancouver, I was getting super anxious because I knew everyone was slowly going to begin leaving and I would be left alone. My parents were first, they left to drive home on the 30th of December. I felt bad, I pushed them to leave so that I could start figuring out what living without them would be like. My sister was staying until the 4th of January, which was so nice, I wasn’t alone in a massive city for New Years. When the time came to say bye to her, thats when I was getting sad. Not only because I was really going to be alone then. But because I knew I wouldn’t see her until May!
 Kristen Joy

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